Small diameter optical windows and filters

Polished Small Diameter Optical Windows

Small diameter optical windows with diameter tolerances better than .05mm are available as thin as 25 microns in numerous materials. Polished windows are polished all the way to the edge with no drop off. These are also available with AR or metal coatings for applications such as optical filters.

Some of the more common materials used for small optical windows include:


  • BK7 Glass
  • Fused Silica
  • Fused Quartz
  • IR Grade Fused Silica
  • UV Grade Fused Silica
  • Pyrex 7740
  • Silicon
  • Sapphire


  • 1737 Glass
  • 7059 Glass
  • AF 45
  • Borofloat glass
  • Borosilicate glass
  • B270 Glass
  • D263 Glass
  • Float glass
  • Soda Lime Glass


  • 7070 Glass
  • BG40 Glass
  • BK7 Glass
  • Pyrex 7740 Glass

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