Aluminum nitride AlN substrates with chemical analysis

Chemical Analysis of Typical Aluminum
Nitride Substrates

Most common AlN substrates have thermal conductivity of 175 W/mk and coefficient of thermal expansion of 4.6x10-6 (20-400°C).

AlN Substrate Typical Chemical Analysis

Element Concentration
Fe 12 ppm
Cu 27 ppm
Ni 0 ppm
Zn 9 ppm
Cr 3 ppm
Na 22 ppm
K 12 ppm
Y 2.0 (wt%)
Mg 5 ppm
Ca 43 ppm
Ti 7 ppm
V 43 ppm
Zr 24 ppm
Si 152 ppm

How Aluminum Nitride substrates are manufactured.

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